I’ve been working with Cloe for a while now, She’s coached me for different international castings. She normally coaches me via ZOOM and we talk on the phone. She’s my trusted teacher and she’s amazing. I invite you all to get to know her, and if you have the possibility, I recommend working with her because it’ll help you open different doors in your life. She’s pure light, she knows what she’s doing and she’s one of the best professionals I know. She helps you grow every time she sees you or works with you. I’ve been to her workshops all over Europe and every time I walk away with the feeling of having discovered something new. Every time I feel more confident and more powerful and like she’s contributed a lot to my artistic growth. She inspires me so much and is the kind of person who always finds something in you, in any moment and any situation, that’ll help you grow. So yeah, she’s my coach and my friend.