Gulshan Bano Sheikh

The Workshop was a very big push for me! I appreciated the clear, focused and concentrated time in those five days. Cloe made me feel very safe and like I could be open to everyone else in the group and to myself too. I recommend Cloe very much, because she gets you and understands you very fast. She helps you process past experiences and face a new you and acknowledge yourself. For me this was the greatest thing that I could wish for. In this workshop, I found myself again and I now know what I want and what I don't want anymore in my life. It's a powerful base to push myself in a new way. The workshop was not only focused on your acting skills, which were of course very helpful and a needed refresher, it was also very important to get to know you and listen to you again. I'm very thankful that Cloe gave me this space to feel free. I kind of feel reborn.