Irina Glebkina

Thank you so much for who you are, for the work you are doing, for your generosity, truth and kindness. It’s not easy to find the right words - as it’s still fresh - but I experience all this as some sort of a miracle. 

I can’t remember another space in my life where I could explore, express thoughts and feelings and process all this to such an extent, to such a degree of truthfulness. Now I feel that I have freedom to create this space for me in my actual life and to create this for my kids - which is precious.

I was very hungry for this kind of work and I just remember very well how I felt inside when I came to the first workshop and I know how I feel and how I think now so the results of the work are very clear to me. More to come, lots and lots of work to do - but it’s a path and it’s a joyful one. My little Irina is finally in blossom and she’s there and she’s grateful - as I am!