So, every time I meet Cloe and do a workshop with her, even if its just for a day or its a whole week or whatever, its always crazy to me how shes aware of everything going on with you in that one moment. She has the ability to be so specific and touch on everything thats going on and change things. Its like magic how she has the ability to realize in one second whats really going on. Its crazy. I think its a safe place where you can always go and explore and discover things about yourself and your actor. But really, also about you as a person, your life, the world. Its like you can always go there. Its a secret place and its amazing to just jump in and experience the magic. Id never done this kind of work before. Ive done many things, but Ive never gone that deep. And its not only about digging deep down when it comes to your acting but also when it comes to yourself. Its about realizing whats going on in your life and asking yourself if and what you can change to be better, happier and bigger. Of course, the answer is YES! Its amazing to have that in your life. Dont think about it, just go to her workshop. Youll be surprised and amazed by how much a person can change.