I recently completed my 3rd Act In workshop with Cloe Xhauflaire. The experience was life changing; full of discovery, failure, honesty, healing and growth, that has continued far after exiting stage right. These gains came from the most challenging weeks of my professional life. And because of this experience, I can truly say my instrument is freer than its ever been before. I feel capable of exploring a scene in a more creative, interesting and authentic way. Wanna try me, grab your best script! In Cloe’s class I was able to announce the actress that I want to be—on stage—in front of my peers. I can’t imagine a more powerful moment for an artist. This has provided me with accountability, clarity and direction. I know what I need to work on moving forward. Because I DECIDED what I want. Cloe welcomes the actor into a theatrically safe environment to explore his/her blocks and gradually free their instrument. Her keen sense of awareness and attention to detail makes for an unbelievable amount of progress and development in the fastest amount of time I’ve ever seen. If you are in Europe, lucky you because you have the chance to take her next IN PERSON workshop YEAHHH! I’m rooting for your freedom & success! See you at a future workshop!